Cruel acts of Human Injustice

Picture credit: Umoja for justice

There are three issues of injustice that compel us to act today. Acts of injustice are very common in the world we live in, but just because they are common does not mean they are talked about enough. Most people want to keep these problems out of the public because they know how messy these issues could get. While it is generous, they want to save the people from knowing about these horrible acts. We need to shine some light on them to spread the word. We could lead as examples, by stopping injustices, speaking out, contact people in power, join or create organizations, and donate to an organization, are all things that could be done to spread the word of injustices. There are so many acts of injustice happening around the world. Many people debate if some of them are even real problems, but many people need our help and deserve it. Here are three injustices we need to address in today’s society.

My first injustice in the world is, Women’s inequality. Everyday women face many challenges with receiving the same respect as men. My first example, women in the workplace, women sports teams, even in education, women are faced with inequalities. In many Developing countries, women come last and are last to receive things like food and water. Women need food and water to be healthy and raise their families. Another example is in countries like India or Africa; boys typically receive a better education than the girls. His sister will stay home, and she take care of the house. This is the case for many poverty-stricken areas. If families can afford only to send one child to school, it will be the boy, instead of the girl. Globally there are over 65 million girls without an education; unfortunately, we are taking away these girls chances of having a real future. My final example is women in the workplace. The majority of CEOs are men, specifically in the business field. This is typical because women quit their jobs, to be home with their families. Usually, when a woman and a man would like to start a family, the women stay back to watch the kids. Due to this fact, men generally have higher paying jobs or better positions at a company. It is a general fact that women are paid less than men. According to the Census data, “women are paid $0.81 for every white man dollar.” While this is an improvement from 2017, it’s still not enough. Also, these statistics are even lower for women of color. Some researchers say it will take 144 years to close the gender wage gap. Also, According to the Huffington Post, “motherhood cuts paychecks by 7%”. This issue would be avoided if more men stayed home to be with their kids while the women went out to work. Another way to solve this issue is if, companies promised to keep women’s paychecks the same after childbirth. At least bosses should not fire women for having children. Eventually, when men and women share their power, then the world could become a better place. This injustice is wrong because men and women should be treated fairly. No one had the choice of what gender they wanted to be, so we should all be treated as equals.

The second injustice is the injustice of the death penalty. The death penalty is when prisoners are sentenced to death for crimes they committed. You would think this would decrease crime rates. Well, it does not. In the United States, the states with death penalty law have the highest crime rates.The death penalty is expensive. It cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, so why is it still around? Furthur more, the majority of prisoners are put to death by lethal injections. Injections cause unconsciousness, the heart stops and eventually death. Lethal injections are supposed to be non painful and fast, but many survivors say otherwise. Finally, the death penalty is an injustice because the majority of prisoners are African American. There are four times as many African Americans on death row, fifty-six percent more than white men. Some of these prisoners have been wrongfully evicted. The death row is racist, unreliable, expansive method of trying to reduce the crime rates, but as we can see it has only created more problems than it could solve.

My final act of injustice is child prostitution. Around the world, human trafficking and child prostitution are happening every day. Most of these acts are happening in poverty areas because children are trying to help the families, however; this should not be the only way to help. Receiving food, clothing, shelter, drugs, and cigarettes in exchange. Since most of the children started prostitution to support their families, they are sending everything they have back home and keeping nothing for themselves. Since they earn barely any money, they are stuck in this traumatic cycle forever. Secondly, the biggest issue with child prostitution is abusers receive little to no punishment for their actions. As long as people keep getting away with hurting children, and until these issues are taken care of prostitution will never end. Child prostitution is a helpless acts of injustice because, the children have little to no opportunities. People are taking advantage of helpless children, and this needs to be stopped.

In conclusion, acts of injustice are important because they affect millions of people. Most of these victims do not have a voice for themselves. They are often forgotten about, and their stories go untold. There are many acts of injustice going on in the world. While some people want to keep these problems concealed, so they will disappear, that is not the case. If we talk about these issues, educate people, and create organizations to stop these acts, we can change the world. There are many acts of injustice going on around the world, but woman’s inequality, the death penalty, and child prostitution are huge ones that need to be addressed immediately.